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A classic example of a layuroll in real poker is a situation where a player is sure that he has the strongest combination, but tries to hide it by depicting experiences. For example, in the showdown, your opponent opened his cards, and you, having understood that your combination is stronger, hesitate specifically and do not open your cards. This is the real slowaroll.
Players who do this on purpose, on top of that, very often add relevant comments, include acting, and other unethical acts.
However, in online poker you can face similar violations of poker etiquette. For example, some players on the river, having the nuts, play hard after the opponent has all-in. This is a fairly common situation, which you also probably heard about at the poker school.
Sloaloll and Nitrol
At first glance, these two concepts are similar, but they are not. Nitrol is a situation where an over-tight player has been thinking about the call for a very long time, although he has already collected a strong combination. This is not done on purpose, but simply is another proof of how the “nitas” do not like to risk.
Sloaloll, in relation to this situation, is when you are 100% sure of the advantage of your hand, but you are especially slow in calling. Although you immediately knew that you would call, but, nevertheless, make the opponent wait.
Who often is slaurollit and why?
Very often inexperienced players have a slaolollat. They understand that they are deliberately trying to mislead their opponent, but they do not realize that this is a violation of the ethics of the game of poker. If we draw an analogy with boxing, then it is the same as beating on forbidden parts of the body. The only difference is that boxing is punished for it, but not in poker. But this does not mean that such a violation of etiquette should become the norm in the game.
Although sometimes newcomers of slurollyat are not consciously, and, often, simply do not understand that their hand is really the strongest and there is no point in unnecessary thinking. Sometimes when watching a video about poker, it’s not possible to find a logical explanation for the slowroll.